When you become a member of Fairfax F.O.P., Lodge 77, you also become a member of the National Fraternal Order
of Police, the largest and most powerful law enforcement organization in the country, with more than 330,000 members.

Our lodge, was formed on January 30, 2012. Quoting the mission statement from the Grand Lodge, “We are committed to improving the working conditions of law enforcement officers and the safety of those we serve through education, legislation, information, community involvement, and employee representation.
F.O.P. Legal Defense
The Fairfax F.O.P. is a member of the National F.O.P. Legal Defense Plan, which is owned and operated by the National F.O.P. It provides members protections from any criminal, and civil matters arising from their performance of duties. This will also cover our members while working overtime and off duty employment. There are no legal caps and you are a member once you sign up.
F.O.P. Worker's Comp
The Fairfax F.O.P. has retained the law firm of Burgess & Perigard PLLC. to offer expert assistance and counsel if you are injured on the job. Should you become injured on the job, before making any statements outside of the initial report of injury you need to speak to Jack Burgess. As a member you have the ability to make an appointment and speak to Jack so that they can provide the best guidance in your case.
FOP Life Insurance
Provides a $125,000.00 death benefit for any death on or off duty, $250,000.00 if the death was accidental on or off duty, $300,000.00 if the death was a result of a motor vehicle accident and the member was wearing their seatbelt and the vehicle was equipped with air bags.
FOP Critical Response
Our legal team, executive board members, and peer support will respond immediately to provide guidance and assistance if you are involved in a critical incident. Call us today at: 703-495-2444.
Active Membership
Regardless of your rank or title, if you are an active or retired law enforcement officer, we would like to extend a fraternal invitation for you to join our organization as an active member.
Associate Member

We would like to extend a fraternal invitation to full time civilian employees of the Fairfax County Police Department & Fairfax County Sheriff’s Office to become an associate member of the Fairfax F.O.P., Lodge 77. You are eligible for the same benefits as an active member.

Our members who are in good standing can view our financial reports at any time.
Training Grants
Our members are eligible for training grants to help better their skills.
Education Assistance
Our members and their children are eligible for yearly scholarships.
Weapon Replacement
Replacement of off-duty weapon and holster if involved in a critical incident.
F.O.P. Card Access
Our members can go to any lodge in the world. Hungry and in D.C., go to Lodge 1 to have lunch and a beverage. Just make sure you have your current membership card.


F.O.P. Free College Benefit
FOP University
FOP Visa Rewards Credit Card
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Travel Benefits
Life Lock
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