The early part of this month the Fraternal Order of Police, Fairfax Lodge 77 started a business and residential fundraising solicitation campaign.  We have entered into a contract with CSG (Community Support Group) who will be heading this fundraiser effort.  Please be aware of this effort in case there is any concerns raised by the CSG efforts.  Brad Carruthers and I will be the points of contacts and the complaint handlers for the Lodge our contact information listed below.  We will contact  you personally to ensure the efforts were done within what our contract outlines as a professional code of conduct.  This is the first phase of the campaign and will continue through the year varying in areas of the county, between residential and business.  This is not the first time that CSG has campaigned our area and they are very familiar with the citizens.  Attached is a copy of the fundraising letter and one of the envelope.

Mike Scanlon, President

Brad Carruthers, Vice-President