The new FOP of Virginia Foundation Credit Card is now available from Capital One. Effective April 1, 2011 you can go on line to, there you can fill out an application and choose the credit card design you want to receive.

Share your passion and donate to our cause with your everyday purchases! We’ve partnered with Capital One ® Card Lab Connect to bring you our newest fundraising program, which helps us earn money effortlessly every day! Just carry our custom credit card and valuable cash donations for every purchase you make with the card will be donated to our organization. We will also receive a $50.00 bonus donation when you make your first purchase. And not only will you be donating to our cause with each purchase you make; you will be helping to spread the word when people see your unique card, designed specifically for our organization.

So don’t delay, go to the web site today and apply for your new FOP of Virginia Foundation Credit Card. Give more without spending more. Help our organization every time you make a purchase with your credit card. Support our cause, one purchase at a time. The WEB site is:

Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Offered by Capital One, N.A.. © 2011 Capital One.

In addition to the above web site, you can go the the new state FOP web site and click on credit card. See the 3 different cards to choose from. The new web site is You don’t have to be a member of the FOP to apply for one of our credit cards. Send this e-mail to everyone on your mailing list.

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Administrative Assistant

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