The Virginia State Fraternal Order of Police was hosted by the Northern Virginia Coalition FOP at the Fair Oaks Marriott for the Biennial State Conference this past week. There were several professional development classes throughout the week. These ranged from Investigating Insurance Fraud, LIDAR, Radar and Flying While Armed. I wanted to express my gratitude to those that attended these classes and took advantage of some great instruction.

We were honored by several guest speakers during the Directors meetings. Some of these are pictured below. On our first day of business, Chief Dave Rohrer kicked off the day with a “welcome to Fairfax County” speech. This was followed up by Virginia’s Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Both were well received and passionate about their topics. I want take a moment to thank them both for attending. The feedback I heard was all very positive and everyone could tell that there was respect and a love for the job and the people doing it day in and day out.

On Friday, the attendees were delighted to see that our endorsee for the Virginia Senate seat arrived to accept his endorsement. Director John Orhnberger, gave the honor of greeting George Allen and escorting him into the conference to our Lodge 77. While there he accepted his endorsement and gave a great speech on his goals and achievements. This endorsement was tallied by your votes. Which was collected by each Lodge and then each Lodge placed the Lodges vote into the ballot box. George Allen won the endorsement from ALL the attending state lodges and therefore the State Lodge. Your vote for the Presidential race will be represented at the National Lodge by Marty Williams, our state President.

On that note, I would like to congratulate the State Lodge Board of Directors, who were all reinstated for another two years. We are looking forward to another great term with the people who have served us well and will I’m sure will continue to serve us.

In conclusion, thank you again for attending the classes, and we are all looking forward a great year and growing our Lodge.

As always, be safe.

Fairfax FOP, Lodge 77